Workplace Investigations

Kathlyn is an experienced Louisiana employment lawyer who has been conducting workplace investigations for more than a decade. Workplace investigations not only require a deep understanding of employment laws, but also an unbiased approach that makes employees feel comfortable participating and providing truthful and fulsome information. Kathlyn customizes her approach to each investigation based on the needs of the matter and provides clients with accurate and well-documented investigative reports to support remedial actions taken.

While some workplace investigations can be handled internally, certain complex or sensitive situations are best conducted by an experienced and impartial employment attorney. Kathlyn investigates various types of workplace complaints, including allegations of harassment, discrimination, bullying, workplace violence, retaliation and other misconduct. In Louisiana, only lawyers licensed in Louisiana may conduct outside investigations into workplace complaints. Kathlyn is a proud member of the Association of Workplace Investigators (AWI) and stays abreast of trends and hot topics in the ever-changing world of workplace investigations.

Reasons to hire an outside attorney-investigator:

  • Unbiased Outside Investigation: Hiring an outside attorney-investigator rather than using an internal resource can provide greater credibility to the investigation and prevent the perception of bias.
  • Conflict of Interest with Outside Counsel: The company's regular legal counsel may face a conflict of interests or concerns about attorney-client privilege, and an external attorney-investigator can step in to conduct an independent investigation.
  • Navigating Leadership and HR Dynamics: If key individuals involved or alleged wrongdoers are part of the leadership or HR team, an external attorney-investigator offers a neutral perspective unencumbered by internal politics or hierarchies.
  • Protected Attorney-Client Privilege: Opting for an external attorney-investigator can maintain attorney-client privilege, ensuring confidentiality throughout the investigation process.
  • Complex Legal Understanding: Allegations involving intricate employment laws demand expertise. An external attorney-investigator possesses the deep knowledge required for accurate assessment of the allegations and facts.
  • Lack of Internal Resources: When the company lacks suitable internal resources, an external attorney-investigator provides the necessary expertise and resources for a comprehensive, prompt investigation to meet policy and legal requirements.